How to find happiness in the small things?

Life is short.

The sooner we realize this, the sooner we will recall how even the little things contribute to a happier life. I say recall because we knew this and we have only forgotten it.

Observe how quickly kids get elated. They also do not hesitate expressing their dismay at not getting the toy they wanted. All grown up and tied down by 'life’, that recognition of what makes you happy has got clouded by the ever thickening dust of expectations. Add to it peer pressure, the rat race, the need to fit in.

Life is hard. It is.

Why don’t we try and make the journey better by realizing that this journey itself is what actually counts! There is no prize to get to the end earlier than others.

Life is not a destination based journey.

You work on yourself, for you, for your mind. You cannot be treated unfairly and everybody has an equal stature, no competition to crush others at every given opportunity. Imagine this sorted environment where we support and help and push each other up!

Seeing unicorns might be an easier bet. But what’s a world where there is no hope? Hope gives each one of us an extra nudge in times of uncertainty.

Till we continue to believe in ourselves and in a better world, life can go on.

Search for happiness in the little things:

  • Waking up each day healthy and ready to take on the world is a big blessing.
  • Pick one small activity everyday that you like, and make sure to have a go at it before going to bed. This could be reading a few pages of a book, watching an episode of a series, picking up the brushes to paint a bit, penning down your thoughts. Assign something for everyday. You should look forward to doing this whenever possible, along with your other commitments.
  • Greet people with a smile. This isn’t as easy to do as it looks. You need to get yourself out of your thoughts and be present and muster a ‘hello’.
  • Engage in an act of kindness. Think of something that you can incorporate in your everyday routine. Maybe you get driven around in a chauffeured car. Exchange kind words with the chauffer. Maybe you stop to buy coffee on the way to work, be charming and make the staff feel happy to see you that morning.
  • Pick up the phone and talk to family/friends. Simply reach out with no agenda. Remember to never neglect people you love/care about. It is very easy to neglect. Do not wait for some signal, just reach out, frequently.
  • Have a heart to heart conversation, more often than not.
  • Buy that new dress, go watch that new movie, try that new ice-cream place, have a day out at an amusement park. Don’t leave the small tidbits of indulgence out of your life. You deserve those little pockets of fun.
  • Play a game or two as often as possible. Both outdoors and indoors. Both have their own pros and no cons whatsoever.

Love yourself. Love each day of your existence. Believe in yourself. Respect people you come across and lift each other up. Do not hesitate to move away from negativity and with each step move closer to a happier you. Start small and take one day at a time.

May the force be with you.