In preparation for the future

Only now in my late 20s have I realized and understood what it meant to have a good education. Only now have I realized the interconnectivity between a good college and a great peer group. Only now it is clear to me what impact a good educational background has on the jobs you can aim for and positions you can actually hold.

I wish things were this clear back when it would have made a difference. Or I wish I had just followed what I was being told and followed that path to reap benefits later.

It does not however mean that there is no other way out, or there is no other means to the same end. Of course you can have a different story and eventually end up almost at the same or even better level/position/accomplishments.

What is it that’s now so clear to me? Let me put it down here.

> To get into a good college you have to prepare and get through an entrance exam or have good scores (whatever is the criteria)

> This means you have to have a will to do good, and have to put in the effort to get it done

> As a student of a good college, you will find yourself surrounded by other students who also like you had the caliber/put in the effort to get there. You will come across strong individuals with plans and also others who will continue to work hard to get through.

> Your fellow students will be your friends for the time and some of them even beyond. So now your work group transcends into your personal life as friends who will stand with you, push you, guide you, motivate you. They themselves are on a progressive path and that will rub off on you as well.

> When we look at leaders and people who are doing well at work, we know there is some force, some intent in there minds to do better, to excel. These people are mostly from good colleges and strong academic backgrounds. Going back to our first point, you will find that the journey they under took is what has made them successful at this stage. And even other people are able to recognize that effort and expect them to make better decisions than others.

Would you now try to do better and know why it is going to work out? It is about the small steps taken at the right time which culminate to give a bigger more long lasting result and continued success.

Understanding the impact of our actions, understanding the background of an ask, goes a long way in ensuring commitment and willingness to put in the required effort to get things done.

As we know and always are told, focus is key.